This means I am a wedding photographer, who specialises in taking relaxed, natural and observational pictures that in years to come, you’ll be able to look back on and relive the day like it was yesterday.

For most of the day, I’ll be like a guest and you probably won’t even realise I’m around. So, I won’t be dictating your day, pulling you away from conversations or disturbing the natural flow of the day. Instead, you’ll be free to enjoy your wedding with those closest to you, and I’ll help you remember it as it was…just in case you forget.

Do you want to see what this looks like? Take a minute to watch this film…

I take this approach because each wedding is unique and the journey to that day, from childhood to adulthood, is personal to you and those closest to you. Your wedding is an opportunity to bring those people together and help you celebrate. My aim is to capture you all, just being yourselves as the day unfolds.

Of course, getting everyone together is the ideal time to get some posed portraits to supplement the rest of the images, and I am happy to oblige with this. However, it’s my belief that it’s the un posed, spontaneous moments and emotions in weddings is what brings them to life and make them so special.


If you think this might be the type of photography you want at your wedding, take a look at some of my images from recent weddings, bob me an email or call for more information.